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C.I. Flores de la Campiña S.A.S.  is located in El Carmen de Viboral, a small town near Medellin (Antioquia) Colombia. We are 280 direct workers and 20 indirect workers, always looking to offer, the best flowers and the best service. We have been in the floral industry for 25 years. We export to Puerto Rico, United States and Canada.

In Colombia, we are considered one of the most important Oriental Lilies growers. We also grow LA Hybrid Lilies, Gerberas and the best Color Callas around the world. We can satisfy your weekly needs with over fifty full boxes of all our products. All orders can be customized according to your needs; orders can be made through open market or standing orders.

With every purchase, C.I. Flores de la Campina S.A. commits to offer outstanding personalized service. Our sales agents will be glad to help you at any time.


El Carmen de Viboral is an small town close to Medellin. Most of the people used to live of agricultural and ceramic industry.  The region where La Campiña is located, was very affected a few years ago by the internal conflict in Colombia. Agriculture wasn’t a good alternative and the ceramic industry was not able to compete with the China goods imported to Colombia  Because all of these reasons the owners of la Campiña decided to create this company in this area as a labor alternative for this helpless region.  Now this company is the source of income of more than 260 families.

We built a park close to our farm made of our recyclable material.
We give lunch diary to 20 children of elementary school of this area.
We also support the Foundation of Caribe Wholesaler Company in Puerto Ric that helps people with leukaemia.

Each year we have a recreating day to share with more than 200 children. We share with them food, gifts and fun.

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